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3 Elite Shower Chairs/ Commodes

4 Deluxe Shower Chairs/ Commodes

5 Deluxe Shower Chairs/ Commodes

6 The Original Line Shower Chairs/ Commodes

7 Select Line Shower Chairs/ Commodes

8 Standard Line Shower Chairs/ Commodes

9 Standard Line Shower Chairs/ Commodes

10 Commode Chairs/ Toilet Safety Frames/Shower Bench

11 Access Chairs

12 Deluxe Midsize - Oversize Shower Chairs/ Commodes

13 Deluxe Oversize - Bariatric Shower Chairs/ Commodes

14 Standard Midsize - Oversize Shower Chairs/ Commodes

15 Standard Bariatric Shower Chairs/ Commodes

16 Bariatric Shower Chairs/ Commodes

17 Bariatric Shower Chairs/ Commodes

18 Deluxe Reclining Shower Chairs/ Commodes

19 Deluxe Reclining Shower Chairs/ Commodes

20 Mobile Shower Beds

21 Mobile Shower Beds/ Patient Transfer Boards

22 Deluxe Linen Hampers

23 Deluxe Linen Hampers

24 Standard Line Linen Hampers

25 Standard Line Linen Hampers

26 Laundry Movers/ Hampers

27 Deluxe Linen Carts

28 Deluxe Linen Carts

29 Deluxe Linen Carts

30 Standard Line Linen Carts

31 Standard Line Linen Carts

32 Deluxe Garment Racks/ Distribution Carts

33 Standard Line Garment Racks/ Distribution Carts

34 Ice Carts

35 Ice Carts/ Dietary Dome Carts

36 Supply And Distribution Carts

37 Isolation Stations

38 Emergency Carts/ Mobile Respiratory Station

39 Mobile Chart Storage Racks

40 Low Beds/ Privacy Screens

41 Deluxe / Ultimate Walkers

42 Special Ultimate Walkers

43 Combo Walker/ Walker Options

44 MRI Products

45 MRI Products

46 MRI Products

47 New Products

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Innovative Products Unlimited originated

PVC healthcare equipment in 1984 and today

continues to lead the industry, manufacturing

more than two thirds of all PVC equipment in

healthcare facilities throughout the US and

more than 90% in European markets.

IPU uses only top quality materials; a

proprietary blend of PVC, strong and durable

fittings specifically designed for healthcare and

fabrics chosen for appearance and longevity.

IPU creates the leading designs in PVC

healthcare equipment. We will continue to be

“innovative” in bringing to our customers the

most functional and durable products on the


IPU surpasses all FDA compliance standards.

IPU invites you to become involved in the

development of your own products. Learn

about our custom product program at

For parts to extend the useful life of any IPU

product see details at

Turn to IPU for